MOT Tests & Work


MOT Tests & Work

Moton Motorcycles is a registered and approved MOT test and service centre.

MOTs at Moton Motorcycles are completed efficiently. If necessary the customer is notified of any MOT failure work needed. If required MOT failure work will be carried out as quickly as possible. We will not complete any work without informing you of the cost beforehand.

You may leave your motor bike or scooter with us or you can wait while we undertake the test in the comfort of our waiting area.

Call us to enquire about availability for MOT tests, we can get very busy but will strive to book you in at our earliest convenience. The current cost of an MOT for a motorbike is £29.65. (Subject to change without notice).

REMEMBER: The date that your MOT expires is the last day you can use your bike. You will need to be insured to drive your bike to an MOT test centre which is the ONLY legal use after the MOT has expired. You are only allowed to drive it DIRECTLY to/from the Test Station with NO DIVERSIONS. If you are caught doing otherwise you may have your bike confiscated.

Please browse our website, if you have any questions or queries or you would like to book a service, an MOT, or get a bike repaired do not hesitate to call using the details on our contacts page.